So my posts are getting a little less frequent…and maybe that presents as a good thing to the outside observer. Perhaps it seems as though I have a better handle on things and that I don’t need this outlet to express myself as much. Wrong. Things have been exceptionally hard and painful this past week. … More Signs


Welcome to my dark abyss. If you want a rainbow and sunshine, exit immediately. All I can offer you is a black rainbow and an extremely long, lonely tunnel with only a match lighting the end.  Told you it was bad.  So far over the past six weeks I have been (graciously) numb to pretty … More Emotions

How are you doing?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me how I’m doing and then immediately followed up with an awkward “I mean given the circumstances” I could treat myself to a pretty fancy five-course meal somewhere at this point. And I get it, it’s a normal question to ask when you see someone … More How are you doing?

Am I doing alright?

Never one for spontaneous adventure, I’ve always researched and planned before going out and doing things. The thing about death is that even when you see it coming, all the planning in the world still won’t make you feel any better.  And I didn’t see it coming. Unexpected tragedy completely flipped my world upside down … More Am I doing alright?

I’m exhausted. It’s been five weeks since losing my husband and my body is feeling the full effects of my grief. A very wise woman recently told me that if I keep ignoring these obnoxious things called emotions, the physical manifestations of them will not only not get better, they will very likely get worse. … More

Our Story

My husband Josh and I met in July of 2011. We had both recently returned to the area where we grew up. I was unemployed, fresh out of graduate school and he was in the middle of paramedic school. We met through an internet dating site. He always told me that he was afraid to … More Our Story