Talk it out

For the better part of the last 36 hours or so I have been in a bit of a funk. I am stuck in a very negative thought cycle and every time I start to pull myself out of it, I’m sucked under again. So, I guess it’s time to pull out my secret weapon … More Talk it out

Surprise, surprise

Oh there are so many things that I want to say. So many important messages to get out there. I am learning and growing and embracing myself – it’s equally terrifying and exciting. I have no idea where to even begin… Based on what I have experienced over the past almost year, one would think … More Surprise, surprise


There are so many things that have been running through my head and in conversations with those around me that I really want to get posted in here… I’m just currently lacking the discipline to sit down and write it all out.  For now, I’ll stick with what feels to me to be a “lighter” … More Discovery