The first Christmas 

Well, here we are. I survived my “first Christmas” after losing my husband. I’ll be honest, it was much harder than I had anticipated. I guess I figured that since I’m not sure we ever actually spent Christmas Day together anyway, it wouldn’t really feel that different.  I was wrong.  First of all, we always … More The first Christmas 

50/50. Always. 

Somewhere early on in our relationship I came across a page in a book that intrigued me. I consider books to be my friends, so this is nothing new and I will never be able to remember which book it was but after reading it I brought up the subject with Josh.  The passage said … More 50/50. Always. 

A bit of honesty

I’ve been doing pretty well lately, really embracing the opportunity to learn about myself and trying to become the person that I was born to be. A lot of my posts have been written with more of a positive undertone. Well, it’s time to lay out the truth. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, my … More A bit of honesty