The road less traveled…

For as long as I can remember, Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” has been one of my favorite pieces. The wonder, uncertainty and the way it makes me think have always drawn me to it. 

Today was a beautiful day so I went for a walk at a local forest preserve after a “care group” meeting. As I was walking down this path that I have never taken before, I came across a fork in the road. I chose a direction and continued on. My sense of direction isn’t the greatest but Josh did teach me a few things. And I figured if it really came down to it, I would just turn around and head back the way I came. 

As it turned out, the trail was a giant loop and lead me right back through the other side of the fork. 

As I headed back to the trailhead I began thinking of what a classic example that was of my (and likely many others’) life. 

Every day we are faced with choices. Every friendship, relationship, career is an endless series of decisions. We spend so much time questioning ourselves, wondering if we made the right selection. But how much do our decisions really influence the path that we find ourselves on? And if we choose an “incorrect” path, do we still end up exactly where we were meant to be anyway? Sort of like taking the scenic route home?

Are all of life’s decisions a series of straight paths and detours that all lead us to exactly where we are destined to be?

I guess it just depends on what you believe. 

Had I chosen to travel via the other path, I would have seen all of the same things, just in the opposite order. 

Had I chosen not to become involved with Joshua, I believe that I still would have learned all of the same lessons that he taught me, just perhaps in a different way. 

Perhaps the path of my life was always to become a young widow. (Full disclosure: I actually always thought it would be me that would die young – I do not know why) Perhaps I was destined for the journey that I have landed upon. Perhaps becoming a voice for those who are too hurt to speak up for themselves is a reason that I am alive. And perhaps I had to live through the hell that our lives had become in order to fully understand how important that voice is. 

Through an endless series of choices… I found myself married to a wonderful man. And this wonderful man was injured in a way that was not readily visible to the outside world. He fought the demons inside of him, we fought the backlash from society, now I am left to fight for him and for myself and for all of the other mentally and emotionally injured people out there. 

Through an endless series of choices… I have found at least one reason for why I am still here. 

And that… that has made all the difference. 

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