A letter to my healing soul

Dear me,

You have boundaries.

You always have. But you are finally able to see them, feel them, recognize when they are being violated.

In the past you have lowered them in order to achieve temporary relief from the “icky” feelings that have lead you to believe that your needs come second to those of all others – especially people you care about.

This has worked in the moment. But it has left you feeling a lifetime of “ickyness”. Both in judgment of yourself for giving in and in the general feeling of disappointment for not having your needs met or even acknowledged.

It is far more fruitful to feel the intense discomfort of asserting your boundaries in the moment and not giving in, just letting them stand strong.

The pride that comes with fighting the desire to ignore yourself and your needs and, ultimately, being true to your core self far outweighs the temporary, albeit intense, nasty feelings.

Give in when you are too weak to fight. It’s okay. But know that the option is always there to establish and maintain your boundaries the next time. Allow yourself the space to learn and to grow within your relationships without losing sight of the fact that you are worth so much more than what you have previously been led to believe.

You have the tools. You are now learning how to use them. And, by the grace of the universe, you have a phenomenal support system to help you along the way.

For the first time, in such a long time (possibly ever), I believe that you can do this.

The world is at your disposal. And there is a lifetime of infinite beauty before you.

Please, remember that. Especially when the dark clouds roll in and the pain of loss is at its highest. This is what you were put here for… to learn how to be your best self. And I am so sorry for what you have had to endure in order to get to this place.

But I’m so glad you are here.

Welcome home.

Love, me

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