Grief Unscripted

The darkness The fear The pain The sadness All too familiar visitors Returning far too soon They hijack my thoughts Try to compel me to take action They yell out “end us now… …but there’s only one way how” And I know I don’t want to do that That is not where I belong But … More Grief Unscripted

Their life matters

I recently wrote about how when we lose someone we love, their death matters. Not the cause of it, necessarily, but just the fact that it happened. The significance of loss is unparalleled.  What I also want to discuss is the lives of our lost loved ones. And how much they matter too.  Chances are … More Their life matters

Their death matters

I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while. And I have a follow up one already planned in my head.  Today, I want to talk about death.  Yes, I have primarily talked about death and what goes along with it since starting this page. But today, I want to specifically talk about cause of … More Their death matters