Learning to love again

After experiencing a significant loss, your whole world stops. Everything that you thought you knew suddenly becomes questioned. The places that you stood the strongest and most secure seem to be the places that crumble the most. But where you were once wavering, it feels impossible to again find solid ground. As time passes and … More Learning to love again

Grief is not a game

I do not know when grief became a competition, but I am really tired of hearing people comparing their grief to another person’s. Grief is not a game. There are no winners. Only losers. We are all grieving because we have already lost. We lost a person, a place, a relationship, a future, etc. We … More Grief is not a game

How did I do that?

I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately about my life.  The other day a very strange thought crossed my mind.  I remembered the reality of my life in the months before my husband died. I remembered the stress, the unkind words, the overwhelming waves of fear and pain and sadness. I remembered never … More How did I do that?